Saturday, 22 September 2012

JNTU-KAKINADA : 4-1 (R07) Text Books for all branches

Points to be noted before u download the books
1) Register in 4shared website to download the books.
2) Unzip the rar files after u download by using any rar/zip software.
3) Password to open rar files is
4) Subjects having * Symbol Requires Djvu Software to open the files

Advanced Computer ArchitectureBook 1
Advanced Computing ConceptsBook 1
Advanced Data Structures and AlgorithmsBook 1Book 2
Automata & Complier DesignBook 1Book 2
Cellular and Mobile CommunicationsBook 1Book 2
Computational Fluid DynamicsBook 1
Computer NetworksBook 1Book 2
Data Base Management SystemsBook 1Book 2
Data Warehousing and Data MiningBook 1
Digital Control SystemsBook 1
Digital Image ProcessingBook 1
Earthquake Resistant DesignBook 1
Electronic Measurements and Instrumentation *Book-1Book-2
Embedded and Real Time SystemsBook 1
Embedded SystemsBook 1Book 2Book 3
Engineering OptimizationBook 1
Finite Element MethodsBook 1Book 2
Finite Element Methods in Civil engineeringBook 1Book 2
High Voltage EngineeringBook 1Book 2
Human Computer InteractionBook 1Book 2
Image ProcessingBook 1
Image Processing & Pattern RecognitionBook 1Book 2
Information Retrieval SystemsBook 1
Information SecurityBook 1Book 2
Instrumentation and Control SystemsBook 1
Micro Controllers and ApplicationsBook 1Book 2
Mobile ComputingBook 1Book 2Book 3
Multimedia and Application DevelopmentBook 1
Network Management SystemsBook 1
Network Programming*Book 1
Nonconventional Sources of EnergyBook 1Book 2
Operations ResearchBook 1
Operating SystemsBook 1Book 2Book 3
Power Plant EngineeringBook 1
Radar SystemsBook 1
Remote Sensing and GIS ApplicationsBook 1
RoboticsBook 1Book 2
Satellite CommunicationsBook 1Book 2
Software EngineeringBook 1Book 2Book 3
Software Project ManagementBook 1Book 2
Television EngineeringBook 1
Unconventional Machining ProcessesBook 1
Unix Programming *Book 1Book 2
Unix and Shell programming *Book 1Book 2
Virtual RealityBook 1
VLSI DesignBook 1
Water Resources Planning & ManagementBook 1
Web TechnologiesBook 1Book 2Book 3

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